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City Infrastructure Game – Town Preview

Changing tack a bit to create a interactive game using this system. Unity is a perfect platform to build this in and I have plenty of resources to make the game engaging.

I am commandeering another project I am working on in Unity, a infrastructure management game – albeit stripping out a lot of the more complicated modeling and maths, and focusing on just maintaining power infrastructure.

The game play is simple: You are the power manager for the city. Your job is to make sure everyone has power and that all of your infrastructure is maintained appropriately. As time passes the core elements of the power grid start to fail and you must go fix them by standing on them. If power goes out in part of your city, the public opinion drops and you earn less score. The object of the game is to get the most score before the timer runs out.

I did some level design for this project over the weekend. Here is a video that shows it off:




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