TouchDesigner Workshops

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 (2 days recommended) Users have generally never used TouchDesigner.

  • User interface introduction and navigation
  • Intro to OPs and network layout
  • Outputting video / Mapping to multiple display outputs
  • Creating audio reactive components
  • Basic GUI construction
  • Intro to Python


Users have used TouchDesigner for a few projects and want to expand their knowledge to more complex systems.

  • Simple control networking (Midi / OSC)
  • 3D Workflow
  • Advanced Inputs (Depth Cameras, Hand Tracking, Computer Vision)
  • Creating and maintaining long running installations
  • Minimal Web Integration
  • Building reusable components
  • Extensions and Modules (Python)
  • Configurations
  • Version control across multiple users
  • Intro to GLSL


Users have used TouchDesigner on many projects. This workshop focuses on system optimization, advanced programming techniques, redundancy in distributed real-time systems.

  • Backbone systems (Nodejs, Node-Red, Python servers) 
  • Resource Allocation and Tuning
  • Distributed Systems and Huge Rasters
  • Creating a real-time layered cueing system
  • Creating Tools for TouchDesigner
  • Intro to C++ Operators

Python Deep Dive

 Users want to become python super users in TouchDesigner.

  • Extensions and Modules
  • Inheritance and Classes
  • Data Structures
  • Dependencies
  • Async and Event Loops
  • State Machines
  • Databases
  • Creating Codebases
  • Automation Scripting
  • Startup / Shutdown Scripting