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3D Content Part 3: Simulating Physics in Blender to TouchDesigner

This tutorial will help you leverage Blenders physics engine to create complex 3D animations quickly. It will also walk-through programmatic solutions to deal with texturing and playing back those animations. The tutorial uses 3D assets from my previous tutorial on camera mapping which you can find here: http://www.design.ianshelanskey.com/technology/3d-content-part-1-camera-mapping/

DIY Scenery/Automation Tracking

Do you want to track scenery in your next production? Do you want to spit that information out via open sound control(OSC) to a media server? Do you want to do that for under $100?! This tutorial/write up will explain how. This can be used in conjunction with Touchdesigner, Max/Msp, Isadora, even Qlab if you’re handy […]